100 thoughts on “Whitaker weighs in on Barr seeking a lighter sentence for Roger Stone

  1. Well take a good look at stone because he actually made history not 1 but 2 president have his back as Richard Nixon is tattooed on his back ,the extreme loyalty surrounds this administration should scare people because the loyalty describe it actually violates the constitution,considering that United States have the highest incarceration rate anywhere in the world Kim K swings by flashes a smile strips down in the oval office and get to set "free" anyone she and trump pleases it but first everybody needs to bow down to the emperor or mobster.

  2. they're only calling for his resignation because he is getting closer and closer to uncovering the truth and they are scared shittless…..

  3. Roger Stone was convicted in a court of law. If Trump's people didn't lie, the investigation would have ended in 6 months. Ignoring his actions because someone you don't like did something similar is a flawed concept. If you have a problem with people lying, it shouldn't matter if they are Republican or Democrat.

  4. by the way the actual time Stone could spend is 50 Years
    …. he was offered 7,.8,9, which is 80% OFF to begin with
    for CRIMES like Threatening VIOLENCE over his Crime or his ORDERS.

  5. lol. Did you know since the last election multiple states have passed laws making their EC votes go to the winner of the national popular vote? It's up to 209 EC votes guaranteed to go to the popular vote. Republicans haven't won the popular vote in a presidential election since bush Sr. Lol good luck this year.

  6. Schumer keeps crying, ha ha ha. Schumer, please remind Pelosi change her diaper and clean her poops, specially in her district.

  7. Schumer , you are the one should be in prison , but have been protected by the corrupt FBI, Stone and Manafort must be pardoned

  8. Political interference in criminal prosecutions is a bad idea. Picture Trump after leaving office being convicted for one of his crimes. Prosecutors propose a year in jail. But President Booker orders them to seek the maximum, 20 years. Bad idea.

  9. What about Christine blasey Ford but lied to Congress over and over about? Supreme Court, Justice Kavanaugh, what about her? Why wasn't she given nine years and her attorney and her buddies? Why wasn't they are given nine years for lying to the jury Congress.

  10. Its just a recommendation, the guy is still guilty and he will serve time, the only question is the time being recommended fitting of the crime, considering both Comey and Stone both lied under oath and one is going to jail for it and the other is on a book tour I think 3-5 years is just fine for Stone, a decade seems to harsh.

  11. Hillary lies whole country knows she gets not even a day in jail Rodger stone lies no one even knows what he lied about they want him locked up for 9 years

  12. When is Schiff going to be arrested and tried and sentenced to 7 to 9 years for lying to Congress and then later played it off as a joke!

  13. Dem in Philly gets 3 months for stealing $500,000 from taxpayers, yet dems want Stone to serve 7-9 years for a tweet…..excuse me, "lying"…..

  14. Look in the mirror Chuck , you will find stinky, one only needs to look at the disparity in sentencing with all who lie on both sides to know You are an unfair hypocrite !

  15. i told My boss that the process that was created by our engineers was way over the top and unnecessarily over complicated so he stepped in and changed it based on my recommendations (and it worked ) i pissed some engineers though . Should my boss get fired for that ??????? or should he get heat for his decision ??????

  16. Crying Chuck is the swamp and any person with common sense can see who the true tyrants are. The dems are the new fascist party

  17. Schumer is the King of the swamp, Pelosi the queen, Schiff the bishop and Nadler the sheriff. The rest of the socialist democrats their peons.

  18. They're gonna go through all this for trump to just pardon him anyway. Especially since in a federal case such as this, the judge has final say, and can go lower than recommended or way above recommended.

  19. We all know the DOJ is corrupt as hell. General Flynn, Manifort and Stone were all railroaded in the first place. They should all be pardoned.,

  20. Ehh the fact that he got nearly 10 years for a faulty memory tells you how much this was more about TDS than justice.

  21. The same lying sacks of 💩💩💩💩 that went after the President went after Roger first. They have no credibility. Roger Stone needs to be pardoned and released of all charges. They're bogus anyway!!!!

  22. law breakers walking free Pelosi ,Shurmur,,Shift Watters,,Fredrickson. Shifts staff . oh Hillery list goes on firing squad

  23. Who hasn't lied to Congress? Even the special prosecuter lied, why not sentence him to 7-9 years? Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Strouck, Page etc etc etc etc etc etc. Use their own words to condemn them.

  24. With every faux rage outburst by the dims, they justify the backlash given by President Trump. Theynprove him right pretty much on a daily basis now. This is a power struggle pure and simple. Durham needs to hurry the hell up!

  25. Why can't the case against Roger Stone be tried again if the jury member had biases? Get a new jury and a new judge, because the judge approved the jury. That's what I would want. Just throw it out.

  26. And with a juror being openly anti Trump and had made remarks against Stone on social media ! Let Stone go it was a corrupt investigation from the start!

  27. Why is this Joke Matt Whitaker even relevant. Are we still paying him? The Guidelines absolutely lay out the sentence structure, but as a Lawyer? you know the sentence is up to the Judge.


  29. Scumbag Schummer is a lying dog…he and the other Demonrats are what he says Trump is🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Very sickening and treasonous!!!!

  30. roger stone is a criminal. He was found guilty by a jury of his peers. You trump supporters are fools if you believe he's a good guy.

  31. Whitaker deserve a very special place, in this government, a bright man, we need more of those guys.
    Stone, I realy don’t like him, but he deserve justice, after what, he should shut up.

  32. Get out of jail cards for Trumps cronies and punishment for people who honour the constitution but it’s not in his best interests. Stone was found guilty of 7 counts , butt out Trump it’s up to the judge .

  33. If he is the most powerful leader in the world then these minions Pelosi and Chuck should show respect surely? There is little shown and it's bad for America. There are other leaders taking note…..

  34. The man told a potential witness "prepare to die" Normally, in any other case that's a big deal. I guess a crime is only a crime when certain ppl commits them..must be nice

  35. chucky, you changed the law to allow a second hand version of a phone call to try and impeach my president that I voted for, you are a hypocrite. the resigned lawmakers are running away from their evil deeds. time to go after you and them too.

  36. The Dems need to earn their money doing the people’s business, instead of hovering over the news, looking for ANY reason to try to impeach.

  37. It’s bad for 2 years long because chicken AG Jeff Sessions he didn’t do his job as AG he doing nothing, and that is the reason Democrats create more problems for United States!! Dirty cops Robert Mueller lock up a lot of people innocence. Yes, about time AG Barr needs to get involve doing his job to protect America from Democrats & deep state!! these Democrats are commie!! These corrupted Democ🐀Rats need to votes out!! Keep America Great 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍

  38. AG Barr will smoke the Dems in the House. This will backfire because AG Barr will explain the corruption in the Mueller investigation leading to corrupt acts of indicting innocent people. The Hammer of Justice(AG Barr) will Hammer the Dems and the Deep State.

  39. The full extent of Stone's criminality will never be fully exposed but his actions directly relate to the security of the USA. Stone like Trump is motivated by greed and a twisted desire for revenge against ayoneone perceived as a threat to his criminal schemes. The appropriate sentence will be applied by the judge but corrupt Trump will pardon Stone anyway, we need to wait until Trump is kicked out at the election then comprehensively invesigate and prosecute every crooked member of Trump's gang and with hefty prison terms guaranteed.

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