100 thoughts on “Why Do Children Have Lower Rates Of Coronavirus Infection? | TODAY

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  2. Because the Coronavirus sides with Greta and believes Climate Change is real. This is virus will slow the carbon dioxide production rate

  3. Everyone has an almost equal chance to be infected!! The data is somewhat trustworthy but don't interpret it wrong. The RATE for children is low because of the lockdown. Most of them stayed home.

  4. How did you miss an obvious question? If the children get infected at school even if they have little or no symptoms once they get home they’re going to spread it to all the parents and caregivers. From there, all the adults will spread it to other adults who will spread it to other adults. Don’t you think that would be an obvious thing to discuss? All parents know that children are an incubator of diseases. Are none of you parents?

  5. Because they are less nasty, judgmental, envious and prone to wrath than adults. They still largely walk in love until adults teach them otherwise.

  6. Thank God I needed this I so needed this information. I live in New York and I've been scared ever since I heard of the virus for one reason only my kids . My baby that is only 8 months old . Been worried but I'm little less worried now thank you .

  7. This virus was made in 2015 in a lab and tested as SARS vaccine. Works on young but not aged patients.


  8. Maybe cause their not in a complete panick like the adults being idiots swarming places like Costco as if it's the end of civilization.

    There is concern, putting reasonable safety measures into practice and completely losing it. People went from denial and total non prep to completely losing it. Then creating another problem on top of it. Panick doesn't help at all in any situation. It only makes matters worse.

    EVERYONE has had years and years to get an emergency supply ready. They have had thousands of warnings telling us to put at least 1-2 weeks of emergency preparedness kits together for home and car. Long before this situation. On top of that the news broke in December so then you all had another warning to start preparing then. All those who waited until it started raining on our heads to go buy your umbrellas now create a new situation where every day shoppers cannot function now because you all were irresponsible, is just pure madness.

    You all need to stop it! You act like you will never eat or drink again. It's utterly ridiculous!! Your driving the employees bonkers and the rest of your fellow man too who are trying to live and work as normal as possible.

  9. The rates in our children are lower because the children are the first thing we protect. When there is a cluster we close schools in that area. Parents are already take extra precaution with their kids.

  10. Either way if the coronavirus gets worse they still have to close school. Even if kids can't get extremely sick they could spread it to other people with health problems.

  11. Do they test pets? Especially doggies that sniff everything including discarded tissues in the streets?

  12. Of course kids aren't catching it, Coronavirus is a joke, and that's how kids see it, adults are taking it seriously, living in fear, thinking the world is ending, so of course they get it the worst, the mind is a powerful thing

  13. What about all the videos with the Chinese filling body bags with at least 8 kids between 5 and 12 that was just a fluke or they where just the week in the herd

  14. Not true, children can be carriers and spread it their parents. In China there was the spring holiday so there was no outbreak within school communities.

  15. I did see a dead child on a video when they went into their apartment when both parents were dead and the child was dead on the couch we're talking about maybe an eight nine year old girl. In China in Wuhan. children can be carriers of the coronavirus and pass it off to other people. Also it was stated that on plastic objects up to nine days of coronavirus can be still transmitted to people.

  16. Just Maybe……. since the adults in America have slaughtered countless MILLIONS of Gods children in the past….
    Maybe HE decided to give them a break…….🙏🏼🤷🏼‍♂️🙏🏼

  17. No need to panic, It's trump's bio weapon to destroy other country, finally US will dominate the world ,The cases in US is not worth to mention. 80000 VS 109, You know the story ?

  18. God is watching, when sin stand up and says, we will not be moved. The law has become corrupt in the land. Money is more of value then the truth. Most people becomes lier's at tax time. When our government convince the people that it's better if you don't marry. Live together will get you more money. Where is the truth that flood's the land. It's not coming from the church because most of the are living that life style. The children are innocent that's because they are being spared. The adults should know better. Be prepared for God is watching and waiting for one to say forgive me. Who will be the first because there along line behind that one. Amen

  19. I think it’s The Lord mercy to try to keep good kids for new future to still growing among human good society. So human don’t disappear totally. Thoughts 💭 sharing 😬😬😬🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌍👍🏻

  20. This was the most disinformation I've ever heard, especially about the part on how long it lasts alive on a surface and how it can be transmitted how you can come into contact to become contaminated everything he said was no facts not to the point and he basically went around questions and the only question he directly answered about how long does it live on the surface a couple of hours is completely wrong completely negative. Y'all should do a segment on how all these doctors call in talking about how wrong he was.

  21. Most countries are calling this an urgent epidemic. The local stores in country has ran out of hand sanitizers and masks. But luckily I found https://mask-care.com/ is still selling masks WORLDWIDE. Everything is selling out even their kids masks are sold out!! Please be safe and get a mask from https://mask-care.com/ …

    If NOT …it WILL BE TO LATE …LIVES MATTER …politicians don't care !

  23. it’s because kids are to addicted to electronics to get sick

    This is a joke don’t take it seriously
    No hate lol

  24. So far mostly old people have died (with a few exceptions). Old people dying from a virus is not shocking. It’s nature at work. Survival of the fittest and the young. It is what it is.

  25. According to Chinese official: Children has lower infection rate maybe due to it is spring festival in China at the beginning of the outbreak, most children were already off school, they don't have too many chances to get it from a stranger, they may just stay at home or play with several kids in open space. Meanwhile, most adult were still working and they could have long time meeting with others inside a close space.

  26. Parents & people Don't trust what this doctor is saying children touch there eyes nose & everything remember its touching n rubbing on eyes please our children are precious soul if a child touches there eyes n let's say you have 3 one may survive but the others won't all you gotta do is trust on the Lord Almighty God n be wiser don't I repeat take your children to school tell me is it worth it is it no the lives of our children God Almighty gave us his children there his n we get to enjoy them n nature them love them show them the truth please don't take them to school this virus affect mostly children n the older or some one that has FEAR Fear is a demon that's the first Demon that will make you feel anxiety stress double minded ignorance n so on May the Lord Almighty God protect you n everyone of your families in the name of jesus christ & the holyspirit Amen.

  27. Yeah….why close schools since kids aren’t affected as much? Who cares about the adults that work in the schools. 🤦‍♀️

  28. Oh yeah?? Watch Hidden Truth of the Coronavirus Wuhan China real leaked videos#31. Three children stacked in one body bag. Be prepared to be horrified.

  29. They are basing thins info on China. It’s bc schools were closed during the time of the highest outbreak. There isn’t enough data of kids in school while there is an active outbreak to say it doesn’t affect kids in the same way it does adults.

  30. And immunity a child has developed against one cold or virus does not and will not protect them against getting another virus. This man is miss informed! This is why u can still catch the flu after being vaccinated! Virus is a virus bc it mutates!

  31. Why why ? Ill tell you why … because they aren’t reporting the actual people that have died from it. The hospital was putting dead children in body bags . It was on video.

  32. What did he just say??? An adult has experienced an incredible amount of colds and illnesses…unlike a child. It sounds as if children can become carriers of the virus while experiencing or exhibiting no, or limited, symptoms. The virus could have been engineered that way, remember, least we forget, this virus was modified in a lab…

  33. Kids have less developed immune systems. This virus makes developed immune system attack itself and cause problems.

  34. How To Protect Yourself Against Corona Virus( From World Health Organisation WHO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbQurxkQ2vs

  35. strange that an adult that has gone thru all the school germs would lose immunity…what this man says makes absolutely no sense…but if you tell people you are a doctor and talk with confidence everyone thinks you know…but no one knows. Maybe it is because kids dont do drugs or smoke …maybe there is an answer in the vaccines they were given but as adults we did not get those exact vaccines…something is not adding up here.

  36. Okay, good news! Hmmm.. I wonder if kid and babies wanders in the streets and go to work, will this change the statistics?!!

  37. Conclusion: Babies and children are taken care by parent whom are concern on their hygiene and they don't go out as much as we do; let alone socialize with other people. Make sense?!!

  38. Priority: containment. Here are the numbers if it becomes a global pandemic. Very sobering..COVID 19 projections..based on the sources and links below, here are some numbers which are astounding when factored into the global population and current trends.

    Global population est. 2020 : 7.8 billion. CDC Projected infection rate of 70% : 5.460 billion

    80% of cases are MILD = 4,368,000,000
    14% are SEVERE = 764,400,000
    6% become CRITICALLY ill = 327,600,000

    COVID 19 – ANNUAL Case fatality projected GLOBALLY:
    @ 2.0% = 109,200,000 to @ 4.0% =. 218,400,000

    SEASONAL FLU annual fatalities: 290,000 to 650,000

    1918 SPANISH FLU deaths globally: 50,000,000

    One billion people could die within a five to ten year period if BOTH The FLU AND COVID 19 becomes seasonal. there is no cure or vaccine yet. Those over 50 and those sick will be the main victims. Younger folks and kids will survive as if they just had the flu. Population will decline to below 5 billion if remain unchecked leaving a global population no older than 50. This population size seems more manageable in addressing climate change and global scarcity of resources ..especially by 2050 when habitats around the coasts will begin to disappear due to rising ocean levels…was this designed to avert climate change disaster in the future? Will a new global political and economic order arise?


  39. I've seen three dead kids putting into a one same body bag(some random cell video shot from China)… Hope kids are all alright this time

  40. "Trump's false claim blames Obama administration as coronavirus spreads in US"

    Hopefully, Trump will die soon from the Coronavirus and Iran will put a stop to this global chemical warfare attack that was put into motion after Trump's killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

  41. Because god is going to spare them from suffering even more I mean look at the horrible workd we live in what they see and think is good when is bad by influential media and bad parenting. God is going to punish the world we are going to suffer all the pedophiles will suffer what they do to innocent kids is unforgivable has no name. This desease is a testament in the Bible and there were so many signs that god send to us the birds dying, the trumpets in the sky, the tornados. I mean what else for Jesus Christ can he call on us to behave better to stop racism is the cause of depression and enxiety to reconcile your hearts with goodness. This world is going to go down I am really seeing the masks coming off from the rich elites in fear planning to scale this desease and the kids will live up to there innocence they won’t know why this is happening because god will shield their eyes. Pleasures like stocking on wine and heavy loads of food will have no meaning because pain paralysis your behavior and everything in excess will go to waste is all in bible. We all have done wrong things and this is biblical is death and is putting fear on everyone. Except the children god have mercy on all the children in world spare them them from all the bad that humans have done.

  42. We are going to die and due to the bad behavior all you bad humans have done god is going to make you see more clear the pain you caused and the pendemic will take over the unkindness this earth has. The world is bad really bad and I pray that those who have made others suffer you pay a price because this will be a lesson from god to take your power away from you.

  43. Corona: I love kiddos and I want them to have school breaks:-) Old folks, you need to make some room now👻

  44. A SECRET REPORT LAST YEAR PREDICTED THE US POPULATION AT 100 MILLION IN 2025. HUHH..? What about the thousands sealed coffins and guilliotines Barry Obama Soetoros administration orderd. google it

  45. I think it's because kids drink milk more than adults, milk contains calcium which is a trace mineral that will remit the virus

  46. Fast. Water fast. No calories means your body will go into Autophagy which is automatic healing and repair. And NO, you will never hear that word from doctors. They don’t make money if we’re not sick. Nobel prize in medicine in 2016 went to Japanese researcher on Autophagy. Look it up.

  47. While the CDC and White House compare it to the seasonal influenza, virologists, microbiologists and epidemiologist are comparing it to the 1957 Asian Flu pandemic.

  48. Why are kids immune “they get those colds all the time” 🧐 pure science Kids could spread it to elders … even if they don’t get very sick

  49. Black seed oil filters blood astragalus roots boiled then dranked strengthen your immune system by lengthening your telomeres in your DNA hence reverse aging reverse the development of your immune system himalayan salt in high doses every other day anti viral,sheep placenta pills cellular therapy repair damaged cells stimulates stem cell repair as well ,stay active lots of water God bless us all

  50. Big Pharma just lost their shirts due to all the lawsuits over pain pills . Has anyone even considered that coronavirus could maybe just be a cooked up plan for them to get all their billions and billions of dollars back ?

  51. Just remembered how the health department was making flu shots compulsory in all schools just last year in India.

  52. Chinese ppl tried the best to earn you guys some time to prepare and U use that time to laugh at us and now who is laughing?

  53. so it can live on the surface for around 2 hours to 2 days.. he sounds like telus setting up a cable box installation appointment.

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