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  1. I'm sorry, this is absolutely inexcusable and horrible. I can't imagine the sheer anger and frustration the family must be feeling. However, is the statement "It's also worse to be a young black woman" based on even a single shred of statistical evidence?? I'm not even going to look it up because I can tell you it is not.

  2. I sat in a waiting room with an elderly woman who was barely alive. Idk how long she’d been there. An hour goes by and nurses rush out dressed prepared for plague outbreak. I think they said she had a blood staph infection. Asked her what she had touched and took her chair and the chairs near it. Whatever she had, she’d informed them and they just hadn’t paid attention yet.

  3. This is what they do the mi ur u say I have bummer care they ain't getting paid so ur not getting g helped simple ur better off walking in and say bill me

  4. Ha, I've heard those horror stories before. Nothing new here. Teach those directors on the hospital board a lesson. They only hurt when you win in court!!! 💲💲💲💲

  5. 1:19

    What does this tragedy have to do with her identity? The ER was guilty of horrific neglect and incompetence. The evidence speaks for itself. There’s no need to bring the racial/gender angle into it.

  6. This is very common..
    My father was left to die until we stepped in an threatened law suites..this isn't a shock …
    Its about money am insurance
    Basiclly you need to be rich…

  7. We need to start realizing that we play a role in our own health. When you're over 250lbs it's no secret that youre placing yourself in a high-risk pool for heart and cardiovascular disease.

    While the wait in an ER should NEVER be this long, it's time personal responsibility is taken into account. Everyone of her family members and friends were either overweight or obese. SAVE YOUR OWN LIVES AND START TAKING OWNERSHIP.

  8. Had she had the right skin color that would not have happened. They took a EKG show that she had a large heart and still had her wait in the ER. Racism played a part in her get medical treatment.

  9. Sooo no one going to mention her weight?? Ya the hospital shouldn't have her waiting more then 3hrs but lets be serious and have an adult conversation she probably wasnt taking good care of her health. People really need to take care of their body and exercise. Once again the hospital is at fault and shouldnt have her waiting more then 3hrs.

  10. I get the same f up treatment Everytime I go to a hospital 🤔 nobody knows you're body better than yourself SMDH

  11. This happened to me once. I was on the ground with a terrible stomach issue. Turns out I had an appendicitis and was close to death. I was the only person in the waiting room, and it still took 3 hours to be seen. The doctor started yelling at the staff over it. Luckily I got emergency surgery, but I never looked into sueing the hospital. I remember the pain was so bad while I layed on the floor, I was actually begging for death

  12. Don’t drive yourself or have someone else drive you unless it’s EMS. Call 911 and go to the ER in an ambulance, you will be seen faster.

  13. Bruh I had really bad chest pains and went to the hospital and took ages for them to take me in, luckily it wasn’t my heart.

    Sadly not everyone is lucky RIP

  14. My gosh. I cannot apologize enough to the family. I wish I had been there; I'm "that jerk" guy that would have fought for her to get attention. I am so sorry.

  15. I went to the emergency in a local hospital with a major heart attack and had to wait to be processed and give information then have vitals taken. It was a good half hour. I had a major blood clot in my heart. When the doctors examined me they literally ran with me on a gurney to the Cath lab to save my life. This poor girl didn’t even have anyone help her? My gosh something is wrong with this hospital’s procedures. Rip Angel.

  16. while the hospital may and is at fault…I also blame the ppl that go to the e.r for non emergent stuff…they are the ones clogging up the resources needed to take care of the truly emergent people! and I know some of you will say well I dont have any insurance…well to counter that there are a ton of free clinics in most cities that will see your stump toe that happen 3 weeks ago…you dont need an e.r for that! go to a free clinic if no insurance or go to your primary care dr!

  17. well well well. the hospital was in a Democrat held district since 1949. Who would have thunk that Democrats would get nothing done. Done blame the system for something you can blame your congress person for.

  18. I cant speak for this hospital but the one I work at has to prioritize patients based on severity, space and available staff. Had she waited at that hospital, she would have been taken immediately the moment she went into arrest. Her impatience killed her. I'm sorry for the families loss

  19. Everytime I go to the doctor they tell me I'm fine but I know it's BS. When you are a young minority woman healthcare sucks.

  20. Have you been to a hospital lately there under staffed and over crowded i went in sat in waiting room for 3 hours just to be brought in but put on a stretcher outside of a room for 4 hours because no rooms were available this isn't new

  21. With all the negativity about poor service at their local ER i would like to say Northside Hospital in St Petersburg FL and St Anthonys in St Petersburg FL have always got me in right away when I went to the ER. There are good hospitals out there. And they should be recognized.
    Sure the bill was really expensive but when I went in for what I thought was cardiac issues I was immediately attended to.
    I'm sorry this lady lost her life and tons of people have had poor experiences at their local hospitals.

  22. If she knowingly left the hospital AFTER being diagnosed with an enlarged heart, then she committed suicide! Sorry you don't think you should have to wait but in the adult world sometimes you just have to sit and wait your turn. All of us have to do it. Instant gratification only works with microwave ovens and fast food drive thru. For important things like an ENLARGED HEART patience is the best policy.

  23. If you have this type of emergency it's best to call an ambulance since patients arriving by ambulance are usually given priority. Better to live and deal with an ambulance bill than die. Any chest pain that makes you feel weak, anxious, shortness of breath, feeling of dread, call 911 and wait for the ambulance. You will be seen sooner than rushing to the ER, finding a parking spot, walking to the counter, and then finally sign in and wait to be seen.

  24. When hospital greed exceeds care and compassion for its patients something is really wrong. If hospitals across the country were investigated the results would make Boeing executives look like saints. Sad really sad.

  25. Stupid entitled woman left because she expects everyone to stop so she can go to the front of the line. Sorry that's just not how it works.

  26. They played the identity card. Woman< black woman etc. Like a white guy with a scruffy beard would've been whisked away to first class. Give me a fokin break already!

  27. This is the state of our medical care in this country. A dying woman, at a young age, of color. This is absolutely intolerable- this is one of the most shameful cases of professional malpractice I have ever heard. It is tragic that the only recourse is litigation.

  28. Young black women do not wait longer than everyone else. That is an outright lie. I work in the medical industry.

  29. This is ridiculous! Chest pains are a priority! Who was triaging this? She should have been seen right away! This is madness!

  30. It’s the same for the hospital for all over the Milwaukee. I had to, multiple times wait more than 1+ hour at emergency room sometimes with the exact symptoms as her, chest pain and trouble breathing. And my only advise it just stay there until you are called because they are professional and if something’s going wrong with you in the waiting room then help right there.

  31. Been reading over the comments. It's terribly tragic. The system sucks. But overall, thank God this isn't Cambodia!

  32. Wow . This is a glimpse of the wonders of what will happen with socialized medicine or health-care for all .my exp is with the VA you can get even sicker before your appointment waiting months. I was at my VA mental health issues and while waiting for an appointment with severe nausea and stomach pain a security guard started asking me 100 ?s being sick I was really irrational and didn't want a confrontation so I walked of the VA property and laid on the snowy grass by the fence on a cardboard until my appointment later that day.

  33. I am sorry but trying to make this a racist incident is wrong. Bottom line…
    She should never have left the hospital. Especially for a urgent care. I mean come on. If you went into cardiac arrest where would you rather be? A hospital or an urgent care? If she would have waited she would probably still be alive. Much sympathy to the family and God rest and bless her soul but this was just a terrible mistake on her part. Six hours is ridiculous though.

  34. It’s her fault she left .. Right away she hires an attorney money grubbing,,, u should be morning your daughter it’s not their fault that she left..

  35. We MUST demand better health care. God rest her soul, no way that should have happened to her. Terrible just terrible 😥.

  36. Don’t make this racial I’ve waited just as long in emergency room or longer it wasn’t my heart … too many illegals in with their sick kids … hospitals can’t keep up they go bankrupt bills don’t get paid this woman should never have left she made a fatal decision … and it wasn’t her race .. ridiculous !

  37. Not surprised.. my mom had cancer in one area and they gave her surgery and said it was removed …. Weeks later in pain I took her to another hospital and they found out the other hospital removed a artery in in her leg that had nothing to do with the cancer she had because she was taking xarelto a blood thinner and now the cancer they could have removed easily according to the new doctors spread and now it's chemo and radiation our last option … Way to go medical education.

  38. Another victim of America’s disastrous health care system. This system is not worth saving. It’s not worth defending.

  39. Let's not overpay race. This happens across the board. It is an absolutely unacceptable reality for all people. Especially the poor. I don't know this womans lifestyle, but that lifestyle should be erelovent! The obvious problem is the lack of staff! Regardless of the why!
    These are the problems that need solutions. Forget you fuckung politics!
    I retain no copyright
    Feel free to share

  40. About a year ago, I went to the ER for an extremely bad headache, trouble breathing, pain in my face. I went there around 4pm. Didn’t get seen til after 3am. Luckily it turned out to be just a severe sinus infection. They need to change the way hospitals are run. I get that some are under staffed.

  41. We’re an impatient society these days. Sometimes if we have to wait for any length of time, we get irritated and minutes are perceived as hours. I’ve often heard people say they waited hours until they just gave up and left when in reality they sat in the waiting room for less than 60 minutes. Not saying this young lady didn’t wait hours. I wasn’t there. I’m sorry for her family’s loss either way. But having taken part in countless emergencies and later seeing a news story about events I had direct knowledge of, the news stories are often inaccurate and inconsistent with anything that took place. Not saying the news outlets make stuff up, but due to HIPPA laws no one directly involved can tell them much, so they have to rely on second and third hand information from bystanders. If a story happens to illicit a strong public reaction it only helps with ratings and advertising revenue. That being said, just because the triage nurse, and a couple of registration people don’t seem busy in the front lobby doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of organized chaos going on in the back. People in the lobby don’t see what comes in through the ambulance bay while they wait, and often if they’re asked to wait, while their situation may be urgent, it may not be immediately life-threatening. Patients in the lobby aren’t aware when the ER staff is performing CPR on a cardiac arrest in the back while they’re trying to stabilize a different patient who is immediately post arrest and simultaneously working to prevent a couple more patients who are rapidly declining from going into cardiac arrest. That doesn’t happen nonstop , but they happen often. It’s an emergency room. Those kind of situations tie up the entire staff to deal with it effectively. HIPPA doesn’t allow that triage nurse to tell anyone anything about what’s going on in the back. Yes, there are times you’ll encounter a triage nurse who is complacent and cavalier, or maybe they’re just too inexperienced to be triaging patients in the first place. Depends on the facility and management. If that happens, it needs to be dealt with through whoever is in charge. And on occasion you’ll have the misfortune of having an emergency at a time when a slow poke ER physician is on duty and there just isn’t a bed immediately available, but the majority of the time you’re seeing competent professionals do the best they can with what they have to do it with. ERs aren’t utilized as they once were when people only went for stitches or strokes or diabetic emergencies or gunshot wounds or severe abdominal pain or chest pain. ERs are overwhelmed now with people who use them for primary healthcare because they have no insurance. Children with runny noses or fever. Adults with cough and congestion. Non-urgent issues a family practice physician or Urgent Care facility could take care of within 24 hours. People who laid out of work over the weekend to attend a social event and who now want a work excuse two days later to avoid discipline. People who were just drug tested at work and now want a prescription to avoid discipline. People who were arrested and feigned chest pain to avoid being incarcerated so they can walk out of the hospital against medical advice as soon as law enforcement releases them for inpatient medical care. Young women with no gynecologist. Pregnant women and women in labor with no obstetrician, no prenatal care outside the ER, and who came in at 20 weeks pregnancy requesting an ultrasound in hopes someone will tell them the gender of their baby, and the ER is no environment for any of that. Good people have no idea all this goes on, but it does more so than actual emergencies. HIPPA laws protect not only legitimate patients, but also those who take advantage of the system to avoid punishment or having to pay for anything. Those people know what to do and say to get seen first, before people who are often sicker but don’t complain much, and a good nurse or doctor has to give priority to those with the most serious complaints until evaluation confirms it or proves otherwise. That’s why people with real emergencies have to wait so long to be evaluated, and truthfully it’s why too many have died as a result. The blame doesn’t belong to the people who have made it their profession to help other people. The blame belongs to lawmakers, and an over burdened system that’s too easily taken advantage of. Healthcare workers can’t bring any of this to light to the right people out of fear that violating HIPPA laws which would result in discipline from their employer and fear that it could cost them everything they have in a lawsuit, not to mention the loss of their ability to provide for themselves and their families if they were to lose their professional license. I hate to see stories that demonize the people who truly care about the safety and well-being of strangers. It creates public outrage against those in the healthcare/emergency services. That will only lead to the creation of more government regulations tied directly to compensation for facilities who already can barely afford to staff sufficiently to provide the level of attention everyone wants and often needs and still compensate for all the money they lose through services provided that are never paid for. People like Bernie Sanders advocate universal healthcare for everyone paid entirely through tax dollars. That may work in some other countries where they have a smaller population with less immigration and the majority of people in the country contribute to the cost of government programs through income tax, but it will never work in this country where the system is already over burdened by an overwhelming number of people who benefit from government services, but contribute nothing to help pay for it. Some say it would solve a lot of problems if healthcare cost less. If people can’t earn a comfortable living working in healthcare services, they’re going to find a different, less stressful way to earn a living. What will the quality of care be then? Typical of anything government funded I’d say. Think about it. If Susan can make as much money with better benefits at Walmart or Home Depot with a less stressful environment and less critical thinking involved, and sleep at home in her bed every night, which do you think Susan will choose?

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